Shihan Mike Lee

Over 56 Years of experience


Fighting techniques covered


    • Yoga
    • Ju-Jitsu
    • Karate
    • Kung Fu
    • Weaponry
    • Okinawa-te


Focus, Repetition, Concentration, Accuracy, Precision,
Rhythm, Timing, Balance and Coordination.

One on One Training

Beginners to advanced levels welcome


New classes in Leeston, 4 Station St.

Impeccable track record, over 56 years tutor training expertise,

best in New Zealand.

Classes: Mon – Thursday

Training twice a week

Children classes 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Adult classes 6:00pm – 7:00pm


Self Defence, phycological bully behaviour confrontation assessment, heart and cardio workout, Yoga stretching.


Personal instruction by myself. Ring me, Shihan Mike Lee (022) 313 5217



About Shihan Mike Lee

Participated in many of the major tournament competitions in Los Angeles, California including the world known, "Los Angeles Internationals," where Bruce Lee did his demonstrations of the one-inch punch. "Four seasons tournaments," Japanese Deer Park and various Shoto-Kan tournaments. Numerous 1st place honors presented in Kata and kumite competitions. Competed up against Chuck Norris, and Ed Parker black belts and have done exceptionally well in competitions. Trained with Jim Kelly, who stared and acted with Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon," from the same stable as Joe Lewis, 6 times full contact World Champion.

Studied Kung-Fu, Tai Mantis Association, with Sifu Kam Yuen who was the technical advisor for the television "Kung-Fu" series, of which I choreographed and performed many of the fight scenes in the series starring David Carradine. I have taught and trained, managed a martial arts school, in Los Angeles, California for 6 years back in 1965. I have achieved my 10th degree black belt in my own system and style. I was the first professional martial arts tutor here in Christchurch back in March 1974. With over 56 years of expertise in the martial arts I can instruct all of what Fight Quest on sky television is portraying.

We were doing mixed martial arts back in the mid 1960's. This is nothing new. You want a breath of fresh air. I can tutor you on the proper steps of achieving your goals on the ladder to the top in the journey of good martial arts tuition. I start my classes with discipline, and end my classes with discipline. Which is lacking in some children and the schools in the country. The social problems in society will not go away, you just have to confront the situation, make a decision, have self-belief, and a strong will.

I teach Yoga, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kung-Fu, Weaponry-Sai, yawara, bo & short staff, shinai, nunchucks. From 1974 - present, my students have entered the top martial arts tournaments in New Zealand, North and South Island, attaining 1st, 2nd, 3rd placing consistently, in Kata and Kumite, An achievement no other instructor has been able to do, I begin and end my classes with discipline. The essence of Focus, Repetition, and Concentration is the Key elements of what and how I instruct. Rhythm, timing, balance, and coordination tutoring sets me apart from all of the other instructors in New Zealand.

Accuracy and Precision is the Hallmark of my Expertise. The Meditation practice of rising Energy levels is tutored at an advanced level, All of my instruction is done on a one on one basis. This includes basic beginner's basic blocks, punches and kicks. My further tuition of Left-Brain, Right-Brain functions interactions regarding my Martial Arts is also explained, I have over 56 years of experience of the martial arts and my tuition is not watered down or Politically Correct

The substance of what and how I teach is not easy and very complex, I am willing to put in the Time and effort if you have the will and inclination to do so. I have the Big Picture. I can discourse on any level of the Martial Arts, anyone from Grand Masters down to basic beginners! I have the Big Picture!
     The shaolin Monks were here earlier this year and did a demo at the town hall.  I watched the demo and spoke with the head elderly monk who was with 70 monks from the temple, Heenan, China.  I don't speak chinese and the elderly monk does not speak english.  Thru an interpreter, I conversed with the master monk and eye ball drilled his third eye.  The conversation ended with a mutual respect and cordial invitation to personally visit the Shaolin Temple at a personal request from the Master himself, and he gave me his personal card.  2010.  The Shaolin monks are the bench mark for the chinese martial arts in China.  
     What other martial arts tutor in New Zealand have credentials and expertise as stated  on this web site.  I am in daily contact with my other associates in the US on new developments and revolutionary changes in the Martial Arts.  We all had a significant part in changing a critical part of the martial arts back in the 1960's.  We were doing mixed martial arts way back then.
     Do your homework, research and investigation and compare.  Learning is a lifelong journey in life.  Compare my background with any other tutor in New Zealand and make a calculated decision.  
    Give me a ring and discuss your future with me. It's all about Energy!
      Need to visualise on youtube ¡°The golden age of okianawa Te Karate N.Z.¡±.

Regards, Shihan Mike Lee